• Create Team Member custom content type

    On the Team page, replace current consultant images with composite presentation where image, name and title are editable separately. Create CSS to recreate current presentation with CSS and consultant’s photo

  • Change Page Background when visitor is Shopping

    The client wanted to change the presentation depending on whether the visitor was browsing the products or actively shopping (i.e. clicked on the "Shop" link). We used session data to track the status. We had to detect choosing a link from the top menu to select or deselect the shopping background. Choosing a category from the side menu had a different effect than choosing the "same" category from the top-level menu.

  • Migrate corporate site into MultiSite

    In order to consolidate their disparate sites into a single installation, we migrated the client’s existing site into a WordPress multisite instance. We also built their customer support site as a subsite. Site is now offline as client has since been acquired.

  • Migrate site to new web host

    Setup two new WordPress sites as well as migrate existing WordPress site into WPengine. Customize CSS per designer's specifications.

  • Setup New Website and Connect GravityForms to MailChimp

    Convert existing static website to new WordPress-based web site. Collect opt-in mailing list (built on MailChimp) for visitors requesting eBook

  • Custom Navigation Walker & GravityForms Modification

    Extend the WordPress Menu Walker to insert an image for menu items that were archives. Cleanup how GravityForms showed selected fields in multi-select.

  • Make Video Gallery Responsive

    Modify Video Gallery to adapt as the device width decreases. Gallery collapses vertically as the device window shrinks (moves from horizontal to vertical)

  • Create & Connect two Content Types

    Added new content types and taxonomies to manage engagement data showing additional details to logged in users.

  • Modify Theme to improve responsiveness and modify output based on incoming link

    Modify provided theme files to support responsive output of Team and Community News. Build backend to control presentation of news, team and community pages based on where the inbound link originated. Modify slider to include embedding Vimeo video (as popup) using Javascript. Build new template for Community News (responsive)

  • Consume Remote XML API and generate Calendar

    Query remote XML booking database to show tour calendar (provided client a shortcode to insert the output)