Every Successful WordPress Project starts with…
One Big Idea



With thousands of WordPress themes and plugins, you can assemble quite a sophisticated and ambitious web site. But sometimes, you want to tie things together in a more cohesive way. Using built-in technologies and third-party plugins, I have connected all sorts of content to provide useful presentations.


Custom Solutions

Sometimes your requirements are so specific and unique that no plugin really meets your needs. If we can define the business rules (and sometimes when we can’t), I can build a custom solution. This often involves more than “coding”. With a deep background in starting and running businesses, I can ask the right question before we start to find a means of getting your site’s visitors to use the site the way you intend.


Mr. FixIt

Sometimes things just aren’t working the way you intended. Sometimes, you’ve picked out a theme that is missing a feature or doesn’t have a feature that you need. Other times, the plugin you need hasn’t been updated recently or has a bug that is just “bugging” you.

And sadly, it happens your developer has disappeared or is out of his depths.

Tell Us Your Big Idea

You can accomplish a lot “right out of the box” with WordPress. But to make it perfect for your business or project, sometimes you need a little bit of extra code or insight to connect the pieces and smooth the rough edges. And that’s when you need One Big Idea.

Tell us about what you need and we can discuss just how to get it done.

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