• Membership Site for Small, Private Group

    Based on BuddyPress, WooCommerce and The Event Calendar (from Modern Tribe), we integrated a number of plugins connecting speakers and their books (on Amazon). In addition, we let members RSVP and purchase guest tickets to events.

  • Build High-Performance Single-page Store for Bakery

    Client wanted to sell their famous Cronut™ online. The store opens once per week at 11:00am (Eastern) until the cronuts™ sell-out (about 20 minutes). The store implements business rules limiting the number of cronuts™ that can be ordered per week.

  • Tweak Commercial Theme to Designer’s Specifications, Build e-commerce

    In conjunction with the client's designer, we selected a commercial theme and then began to adjust it to reflect the client's brand. We also implemented an e-commerce application with a custom pickup calendar feature.

  • Unravel custom-coded WordPress site

    The previous developer made custom changes to third-party plugins, and WordPress itself. This left the client unable to upgrade WordPress or the plugins.

  • Custom application with user management and e-commerce

    jQuery Photo upload, resize and crop, placement of images on imagemap, ajax captioning, custom GravityForm management with assembly of fields into templates using Twig, membership management including support of white-label version

  • Change Page Background when visitor is Shopping

    The client wanted to change the presentation depending on whether the visitor was browsing the products or actively shopping (i.e. clicked on the "Shop" link). We used session data to track the status. We had to detect choosing a link from the top menu to select or deselect the shopping background. Choosing a category from the side menu had a different effect than choosing the "same" category from the top-level menu.

  • WooCommerce Bulk Pricing Module

    Extended WooCommerce with custom bulk pricing module